Thursday, October 10, 2013

iOS7 Theta Style - Victoria Elliott

             Just like most of you, I recently downloaded Apple’s new iOS7 update. And I couldn’t help but compare this operating system to our Zeta Omicron Chapter. I know it’s silly, but hear me out:
The update has several amazing new features – or as we call them in ZO, new members. It took a lot of work from programmers, designers, and executives to create a functioning operating system, just like it took Headquarters, Alyssa, Joni, and now Courtney to build up our Wake Chapter. And just like iOS7, now we’re out. Anyone could choose to download us – or not. And that is an exciting, albeit nerve-wracking experience. But just because one recruitment season was successful doesn’t mean we can relax. Apple employees are already at work on iOS8, just as we now turn to Spring Recruitment. And we need to advertise. Our letters are the same as the logo on the back of an iPhone. And every little bug we have affects how people view our brand.
I personally love Apple advertisements. They are simple and elegant, displaying the positives of purchasing their product, rather than tearing down another company. I’ve never seen an Apple-produced attack ad. But I’m sure you have all seen the ads for the Windows tablet, where Siri wails pathetically about how she can’t do anything compared to her competitor. To me, the commercial seems like a petty attack. We, as the classy women we are, need to shy away from comparing ourselves to other sororities. Let’s look at our own wonderful qualities and show them to the world!
But what is advertising without execution? If all Apple did was spend billions on ads about how wonderful their products were without working to improve themselves, people would catch on quickly and stop buying. The same is true for us. We can advertise love and Theta sisterhood all we want, but if no one attends sisterhood events, or spends time with each other, everyone will notice. Maintaining infrastructure is just as important as branding.  
Just like your updated home screen, Zeta Omicron looks beautiful and fresh. Everyone scrambled to download iOS7 because it was new and frequently talked about. But after long, the update won’t be new anymore. It will come standard on later phones, and even later something else will come along. Theta won’t be new soon. We will need a different adjective to describe ourselves. And it’s up to all of us to define what that adjective is.

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