Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Being the First

        Now that we're a couple of weeks into our Theta experience, I've realized something about being a charter class, and being a new member. Being the first isn't about being "the best." It's about being OUR best.

        The women of Kappa Alpha Theta don't all know each other yet. We can't be the best sisterhood until we've all taken the time to get to know one another and really care about our sisters. We can't expect be be seen as the "best" because we haven't established ourselves yet. But that's where being our best comes in.

        If each woman in this sorority worked to be the best that she could be (the best sister, the best student, the best friend, etc) it is a reflection on the sorority as a whole. And if each of us works together to better each other, then we will make Kappa Alpha Theta better. That means getting dinner with sisters before chapter, tutoring a sister in Accounting, and helping a sister work through her personal problems. It also means being respectful of our ELCs, who are working so hard to get us started out on the right foot, and honoring the traditions that have been handed down for generations. Being our best isn't going to happen over night, or even in a week. But consciously making decisions to be a better person means making Kappa Alpha Theta a better organization. And that's what this is all about. Being better.

        We have the honor of being the first, and what we do will establish how Theta is seen on campus in the years to come. I am so excited to help my sisters be better women, and I cannot wait to see how my sisters will positively impact my life.


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